Akobe Endows and Prophesies Over His Sons Genesis 49

News spread among the family of Akobe that Akobe would depart the earthly realm any day. The sons of Akobe were gathered to look into the Will and Testament of their Father and the prophetic words he would speak over them. This is a father observing his children for years, and Divine inspiration from the […]

Akobe Enriches Yosef’s Sons Efraim and Manasse: Genesis 48

In the vibrant lands of the Egyptian empire, the revered elder Akobe came to live with his long-lost son, Yosef. Yosef, thought to have been deceased had in fact become the viceroy of Egypt. From the lands of West Africa, Padan Aram, came to Abram to the fields of Canaan, southern Africa, promised to him […]

Yosef and His Brothers Continued: Genesis 39-47

Genesis 39: In the land of Egypt, there was a man named Yosef, a descendant of Akobe (Jacob). He was sold as a slave by his jealous brothers to a wealthy Egyptian named Potiphar. Yosef served in Potiphar’s house with great diligence, and the Great Creator enriched all that he did. Potiphar recognized Yosef’s talents […]

Yawada (Juda) Soap with Tamara Genesis 38

Yawada, aka Juda (Judah) and the daytime TV Soap drama with Tamara. In the vibrant tapestry of ancient Africa, the land of Shem, a tale of love, loss, and reprieve developed. At that time, Yawada, known in the scriptures as Juda, the son of Akobe, ventured away from his brothers. They all lived spread out […]

Yosef (Joseph) and His Brothers Genesis 37

As the house of Akobe grew, his sons began to expand in the land of Canaan. And in the land where Akobe, a man of great strength and wisdom, dwelt as a stranger, a remarkable tale unfolded. The story of Akobe’s son, Yosef (Josef, Joseph), a young lad full of dreams and adorned with a […]

Akobe and Family Return to Bethel (Genesis 35)

Jacob, who we now call Akobe was in a conundrum. Akobe became concerned with what the rest of the Canaanite families may do against him and his sons because of the savage vengeance performed by Lewi and Simeon. He prayed to the Great Creator what he should do. The Great Creator commanded Akobe, “Return to […]

Life in Shechem Gets Weird (Genesis 34)

  While in the land of Canaan, in Shechem, the family of Akobe began to situate themselves in the land. Akobe had many sons but only one daughter named Dina; she was a beautiful and strong-willed young woman. One day, as the children of Akobe were living peacefully, the neighboring Canaanites were among them in […]

The Reunion of the Sons of Isaaka (Genesis 33)

So later that day Jacob (Akobe) met Esau coming with his 400 men. Jacob told his children to walk with their mothers. The two servant women, Zilpa and Bilha, together with their children went first, followed by Lea and her children, then by Rachel and Yosef. Akobe himself walked in front of them all, bowing […]

Akobe Flees from Laban (Genesis 31)

Jacob’s stay with his uncle Laban had not been entirely pleasant. Laban’s sons had accused Jacob (Akobe) of stealing their father’s property and were envious of Jacob’s success. When Akobe saw that Laban’s attitude towards him had changed, he sought the Creator’s guidance, and the Great Spirit spoke to him, telling him to return to […]