Yosef (Joseph) and His Brothers Genesis 37

As the house of Akobe grew, his sons began to expand in the land of Canaan. And in the land where Akobe, a man of great strength and wisdom, dwelt as a stranger, a remarkable tale unfolded. The story of Akobe’s son, Yosef (Josef, Joseph), a young lad full of dreams and adorned with a coat of many colors, a symbol of his father’s deep love and fondness. Just as the Great Spirit gave the rainbow as a sign of His covenant with the sons of Noa, Akobe did something similar with this coat to Yosef (his firstborn from Rachel, his love).

Yosef, seventeen years of age, tended to the flock alongside his brothers, the sons of Bila and Zilpa, his father’s wives. However, jealousy seeped into the hearts of his brothers as they witnessed their father’s partiality towards Yosef. Envy fueled their hatred, and they could not speak kindly to him.

But Yosef’s dreams were as vivid as the African sunset. He dreamt of sheaves in the field, where his sheaf stood tall and proud while his brothers’ sheaves bowed before it. These dreams only deepened their resentment, questioning if Yosef truly believed he would rule over them.

the House of Akobe: the Sun Moon and Stars

Undeterred by their animosity, Yosef shared another dream, this time involving the sun, moon, and eleven stars bowing before him. Even his father, Akobe, was taken aback by the significance of this dream, wondering if it prophesied a future where they would all bow down to Yosef.

Filled with envy, Yosef’s brothers left to tend to their father’s flock in Shechem. Akobe, concerned for their well-being, sent Yosef to check on them. As Yosef journeyed, he encountered a kind man who informed him that his brothers had traveled to Dothan. Yosef continued his path, unaware of the treacherous plot brewing against him.

Young Yosef

From afar, his brothers plotted to harm him, their envy consuming their hearts. They called Yosef a dreamer and conspired to slay him, tossing his life into an empty pit. However, Reuben, the eldest brother, intervened and convinced them to spare Yosef’s life. Instead, they cast him into the pit with the intention of selling him to a passing caravan.

Sold Into Egypt by Ismael and Midian

Soon, Ismeelite merchants appeared, and Yosef’s brothers sold him into slavery for twenty pieces of silver. The Midianites, passing by, pulled him out of the pit and traded him to the Ishmeelites. Yosef, now separated from his family and homeland, was bound for Egypt, a land of mysteries and wonders.

Back in Canaan, the brothers took Yosef’s coat of many colors, dipped it in the blood of a slain goat, and presented it to their grieving father. Akobe, seeing the blood-stained coat, believed his beloved Yosef had been torn apart by a ferocious beast, plunging him into a feeling of profound sorrow.

The air filled with mourning as Akobe donned sackcloth, and his heart refused any comfort. Even his sons and daughters attempted to console him, but his pain was unyielding. Akobe mourned his son, vowing to carry his grief to the grave.

Grief and Sadness for Akobe

In a twist of fate, the Midianites sold Yosef into the hands of Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh’s court and captain of the guard. Thus, Yosef’s difficult life journey continued, and his destiny began to unfold within the vast tapestry of Egypt.

The colors of Akobe’s world grew dim as he wept for his lost son, unaware that this tale of sorrow would eventually intertwine with a tale of perseverance, triumph, and redemption.

Undoubtedly, we must keep the theme of these rewritten stories in mind. This appears to be a story of a young teenager betrayed by his brothers, sold to his cousins, and transported from the Middle East Levant into Egypt.

However, the betrayal is true, but the sales were not final, and the lad was not a pretender when it came to keeping the Great Creator’s commandments through good times or bad. He was sold and transported from what we would call Namibia-South Africa today in Shechem, all the way up north or down, from an elevational standpoint, into Egypt.

Reuben Saves the Life of Yosef

To be continued…

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7 thoughts on “Yosef (Joseph) and His Brothers Genesis 37

  1. Different parts of this story break my heart. The way the brothers treated Joseph was very hurtful, especially them leaving him to die and going back and telling their father Jacob that his son had been killed, lying and deceiving their own father, breaking his heart into a million pieces and more. Then Joseph being sold as a slave.

    Even though there’s a good ending to this story as Jacob becomes the rulers right hand man and is reunited w/his brothers and father again, it’s also so very heart breaking the fact that Jacob was so old once they were reunited, to then die. I guess we just need to see the blessing more than the hurt. At least Jacob and his son Joseph were finally reunited before Jacob passed💗✨️✝️✨️🌠.

    Thank you for taking us to this story in the Holy Bible💗✝️. May the Lord see all your hard works that you do in His🙌 name.
    In Jesus name I pray🙏✝️.
    Thank You Jesus🙌💞✝️
    We love You Jesus🙌💗✝️

    1. Hey Christina, this story breaks my heart too; losing a child is horrific, especially if you can’t give them a proper burial and send off. To live thinking you sent him to find his brothers and he was muld by a beast would keep a man depressed for years; I couldn’t believe the brothers would do this; but jealousy and envy can go deep. The years lost, it is great this life is a temporary trial of a infinite eternal life, but this story hurts, but shows a lot of perseverance. Thank you for your comment Christina.

      Elder Ishe (Minister Koko)

  2. In this world where trust is in short demand, keep trusting, loving Jesus with all you have forever. The wisdom in Joseph’s and brothers story is to learn from so do other stories . Do them right this time. Jesus commands people to love ❤️ one another. Love ❤️ and serve them well. The Word of God to the people of God. Thank you for sharing wonderful story. Amazing blessings to you. Amen 🙏🏾 . mu

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