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Isaaka was married to Rebeka by the age of 40, living in the land of Canaan (southern Africa). A famine drove him out of Canaan as it did Abram his father in his days. However, the Great Creator commanded Isaaka not to go all the way to Egypt, but instead to remain in Gerar, the land of the Philistines (remember, the Philistines are a branch of the Egyptians).

Gerar is a local town not far from the modern-day city of Dire Dawa in Ethiopia. Essentially, Isaaka and Rebeka went north from Canaan and stayed there in the land of the Philistines. Abimelech, king of the Philistines sent Isaaka out of his country because Isaaka prospered very well, so he left. It was kind of a bitter and sour departure for him, but he left Gerar and went back to Canaan, particularly, Beersheba.

On the Full Map You’ll See this is Modern-Day Namibia!

The Great Creator appeared to Isaaka with the promises and covenants of Abram in hand, prepared for Isaaka now. Then Abimelech came from Gerar, his country, to Beersheba where Isaaka was, apologized, restored the wells his people had stuffed, and made a covenant of peace between them.

The place was called Sheba and that’s why it is called Beersheba to this day. Twenty years elapsed from the time Isaaka and Rebeka were married and they were still childless.

Genesis 25:20 And Isaaka was forty years old when he took Rebeka to wife, the daughter of Bethuel the Syrian of Padan-Aram, the sister to Laban the Syrian (Aramian).

Isaaka prayed for his wife to have children and finally, the Great Creator would answer him; Rebaka was pregnant. But she had a rough pregnancy; there was a lot of rumbling going on in the womb. It was so bad she had to seek the Great Spirit what was going on.

The Great Spirit told her, “You have two sons in your womb, the two sons will become two separate nations.” She had two sons, Jacob (Akobe) and Esau. As the boys grew into the adult ages, a day came when the older twin, Esau in the story sold the right to firstborn birthright to his brother for a bowl of Pepe soup.

He would later regret it.

As for Esau, in addition to passing on his birthright, he also married women from the Canaanite families. He married a woman named Judith, she was the daughter of a Hittite man named Beeri. He also married a woman named Basemath who was the daughter of Elon, again, a Hittite man, of Canaan, whom the Great Creator caused Abram to not have his family marry into their family. Rebeka was really appalled by Esau’s wives.

As Isaaka was getting up in age, he prepared to pass the family inheritance to Esau, but Rebeka heard from the Great Creator that it should be given to Akobe. So, Akobe swooped in to claim his purchased birthright with the help of his mother, Rebeka.

This angered Esau to the point he thought to kill Akobe. This sent Rebeka into a frenzy and pushed her to have Isaaka send Akobe back to the modern-day lands known as Nigeria-Cameroon (Mesopotamia) to live with her brother Laban until Esau’s anger towards his brother cooled.

Go Find a Wife Akobe

She disguised it as sending Akobe to Padan Aram to seek a wife. Isaaka called Akobe enriched him and commanded him not to marry the daughters of Canaan. Instead, he was commanded to go to Padan Aram, the fields of Aram, and find a wife from back home. The Great Creator is fulfilling His words towards the family of Abram.

Isaaka fortified Akobe saying, “I pray that the Great Creator All-Powerful will endow you with many descendants and allow you to become a great nation. May he endow you with the land he promised Abrashem so that you will take over and inherit this land where we currently live as foreigners?”

Esau Attempts to Make Parents Happy

Esau learned that his father Isaaka had endowed his brother Akobe and had warned him not to marry any of the Canaanite women. He also learned that Akobe had been sent to find a wife in the northern country of Aram and that Akobe obeyed his father and mother.

Feeling like a trash-disrespectful-son, Esau already had several wives, but he now realized how much his father detested the Canaanite women. So he married Ismael’s daughter Mahalath. She was the sister of Nebaioth and the granddaughter of Abram.

Rewriting history; To be continued…

Not the real image, but a portrayal of Isaaka (center) with Akobe (left) and Esau (right)

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