Moses Empowered and Prepared for Mission in Egypt: Exodus 4

In the realm of ancient Africa, the story of Moses unfolded. Doubt clouded his heart as he pondered the words of the Great Spirit. “They will not believe me,” he said, fearing that his voice would go unheard. The Great Spirit, in His wisdom, asked Moses, “What is that you hold in your hand?” Moses replied, “It is a rod.”

The Great Spirit commanded Moses to cast the rod upon the ground. As he did so, it transformed into a serpent, causing Moses to flee in awe. The Great Spirit instructed Moses to take hold of the serpent by its tail, and as he did, it returned to its former state as a rod. This miraculous transformation was a sign for the people to believe that the Great Creator of their ancestors, Abram, Isaaka, and Akobe, had truly appeared before Moses.

To further instill faith, the Great Spirit directed Moses to put his hand into his bosom. As Moses withdrew his hand, it was covered in leprous affliction as white as snow. Then, the Great Spirit commanded him to put his hand into his bosom once more, and when Moses pulled it out, his hand was restored, vibrant, and whole, black and brown, like the rest of his flesh.

Moses Expresses Concerned About His Speech

These signs were to serve as proof for those who doubted Moses’ divine encounter. Yet, the Great Spirit foresaw that some might still question. Thus, He instructed Moses to take water from the river and pour it upon the dry land. Miraculously, the water turned to blood upon the earth, a powerful sign of the Great Spirit’s authority.

Moses, still burdened by self-doubt, expressed his concerns about his speech impediment. The Great Spirit responded, reminding Moses that He was the one who created mouths, as well as the ability to speak, hear, see, and perceive. With reassurance, the Great Spirit promised to be with Moses’ mouth, teaching him what to say.

Still uncertain, Moses pleaded with the Great Spirit to send someone else in his place. The Great Spirit’s anger was ignited, and He reminded Moses of his brother Aaron, who was skilled in speech.

Moses Gets a Spokesman

The Great Spirit assured Moses that Aaron would be glad to meet him and act as his spokesman. The Great Spirit would be with both their mouths, guiding their words and actions.

Taking the rod of the Great Creator in his hand, Moses bid farewell to his father-in-law Jethro and set out for Egypt, accompanied by his wife and sons. The Great Spirit spoke to Moses once again, commanding him to perform wonders before Pharaoh, displaying the power bestowed upon him. However, the Great Spirit hardened Pharaoh’s heart, causing him to resist the liberation of the people.

Moses was to convey the message to Pharaoh, declaring that the Israelites, anciently known as the Bantu, were the Great Spirit’s firstborn son. The Great Spirit demanded their release for the purpose of serving Him. If Pharaoh refused, the Great Spirit warned of the consequence— the firstborn of Egypt would be slain.

Moses Leaves Midian Back for Egypt

As Moses prepared to travel back to Egypt, an unexpected encounter occurred at a lodge. The Great Spirit sought to kill Moses! What? Why? However Moses’ quick-thinking wife, Zipora, swiftly circumcised their son and cast the foreskin at Moses’ feet. This act averted the danger, though it left Zipora distraught, calling Moses a “bloody husband.”

Why did this occur? They’d forgotten the ancient tradition of the elders, including the covenant given to Abram for all his descendants. That tradition was the eighth-day circumcision of each male child’s man rod. Moses and Zipora had not done this to their son.

As Moses continued, the Great Spirit instructed Aaron, his brother, to venture into the wilderness to meet him. Aaron complied, and they met in the mount of the Great Creator, embracing one another. Moses relayed to Aaron all the words of the Great Spirit and demonstrated the signs he had been commanded.

Together, Moses and Aaron gathered the elders of the children of Akobe, sharing the message and performing signs before the people. The Bantu, upon hearing that the Great Spirit had seen their affliction and visited them, bowed their heads in worship, placing their faith in the Great Spirit’s divine plan. This divine plan will ultimately lead the children of Akobe out of Egypt, northeast Africa today, and return them home. Home is south, even South Africa today, eventually inhabiting all of what we call today, Sub-Saharan Africa.

To be continued…

Written by Minister Koko

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