Akobe Enriches Yosef’s Sons Efraim and Manasse: Genesis 48

In the vibrant lands of the Egyptian empire, the revered elder Akobe came to live with his long-lost son, Yosef. Yosef, thought to have been deceased had in fact become the viceroy of Egypt. From the lands of West Africa, Padan Aram, came to Abram to the fields of Canaan, southern Africa, promised to him by the Great Creator.

He was known far and wide for his connection to the Great Creator Almighty and the endowments bestowed upon him.

In the midst of this new vibrant community, a message was sent and reached by the young man himself, named Yosef. The message carried the news that his beloved father, Akobe, up in years, was unwell. Immediately, Yosef gathered his two sons, Manasse and Efraim, and set off on a journey from Egypt’s capital to the land of Goshen, to see his ailing father.

Akobe Enriches Yosef’s Sons

As Yosef and his sons approached their destination, Akobe received word of their arrival. Filled with strength and determination, he rose from his bed and prepared to welcome them. Then Akobe recounted the tales of his encounters with the Great Creator Almighty, who appeared to him in the sacred land of Luz (which is Bethel) in Canaan and enriched him abundantly.

“I have been endowed with fruitful abundance and promised a land for my descendants to dwell in forever,” Akobe shared with Yosef. He then declared that Yosef’s two sons, Efraim and Manasse, would be counted as his own sons, much like his other sons Reuben and Simeon.

Akobe Reflects on His Journey

Akobe explained that any future offspring Yosef would have would rightfully be his own and would carry the names of their brethren as they inherited the land. As he spoke, Akobe reminisced about his journey from Padan Aram, to Succoth, to Shechem, to Bethlehem, where he mourned the loss of his beloved wife, Rachel, and buried her on the way to Efrata (Etwa), known today as Bethlehem (where our Redeemer was born).

Curious and filled with anticipation, Yosef brought his sons closer to his father. Though Akobe’s eyes had grown dim with age and he could not see clearly, he kissed and embraced his grandsons, expressing his joy at the sight of his beloved grandson’s face. Yosef explained that these were the sons that the Great Creator had blessed him within the land they currently resided in.

Efraim Consecrated Ahead of Older Brother, Manasse

Filled with a deep sense of reverence, Akobe stretched out his hands to enrich his grandsons. However, in a surprising turn of events, he crossed his hands, placing his right hand on Efraim, the younger son of Yosef, and his left hand on Manasse, the firstborn.

Witnessing this culturally unconventional act, Yosef felt unsettled and attempted to guide his father’s hands, with the desire to correct what he perceived as a mistake. But Akobe, guided by divine wisdom, firmly stood his motion, he acknowledged the significance of this culturally unconventional ceremonial birthright enrichment deviation.

With great intention, Akobe bestowed a heartfelt enrichment upon Yosef, calling upon the Great Creator who had walked with their forefathers, Abram and Isaaka, to endow the young lads. He desired that his name, along with the names of his forefathers, be honored in their lives. Akobe envisioned them growing into a multitude of nations within the earth, guided by the Angel who had redeemed him from all evil.

The Great Great-Great-Grandson of Abram

Yosef, still perplexed by the crossing of his sons’ heads, voiced his concern to his father. He believed that the firstborn, Manasse, should receive the right hand of consecration. But Akobe embraced the wisdom of the Great Creator and assured Yosef that both sons would be great and influential. However, Efraim, the younger one, would rise even higher, and his descendants would become a multitude of nations.

In that memorable moment, Akobe proclaimed that all twelve sons would enrich future generations by invoking the names of Efraim and Manasse. With deliberate intent, he placed Efraim before Manasse, symbolizing the unique destiny that lay before them.

As the time of Akobe’s passing drew near, he spoke to Yosef, acknowledging his imminent departure from this world. And there you have it, Efraim, a prominent family on the earth to this day in the land of Shem (Africa) and also in the Americas; the great-great-grandson of Abram, great-grandson of Isaaka, grandson of Akobe, son of Yosef, Efraim, the birthright holder.

To be continued…

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  1. Once again, I really enjoyed this story. This time I used the audio recording to read along with, which was very nice, thank you. I just love this story and didn’t want it to end.
    I wanted to hear more💗✨️✝️✨️. That’s how good your articles are, they really pull in the readers attention. I think this is the first time I’ve ever realized when hearing/reading this story, how Jacob chose Joseph’s grandsons for the blessing and skipped over the others. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’m wondering if Jacob did this bc he saw bad blood in the others?, so he favored Joseph possibly, Benjamin too.
    And his grandsons were the ones that were going to start the new chapter in life, maybe this is another reason why Jacob focused on them✨️💗💗✨️✝️✨️.
    Bottom line is, God had His🙌 hands on how everything was going to happen. God wanted everything to happen certain ways for certain reasons.

    These are my thoughts and ideas on this story💗✝️.
    Thank you for inviting me to join in and read along with you everyone,in God’s Holy Bible and in Jesus name🙌
    Thank you💗✨️✝️✨️

  2. I have enjoy reading this story , how i wish that each an every prayer i make in the morning i read your story.

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