The Birth of Isaaka (Isaac)

Isaaka and Sara

Sara and the birth of Isaaka (Isaac) to Abram, and the subsequent banishment of Hagar and her son Ishmael (Ismael). The Great Creator had promised Abram that he would be the father of many nations, and despite their old age, Sara conceived and gave birth to Isaaka at the appointed time. Abram then circumcised Isaaka, as instructed by the Great Creator. Sara was amazed that she had given birth to a child in her old age, and the child was named Isaaka, which means “he will laugh.”

Sara Dismisses Hagar and Ismael

Abram made a feast when Isaaka was weaned, but Sara saw Ismael, the son of Hagar, mocking Isaaka. She demanded that Abram banish Hagar and Ismael, stating that Ismael should not be an heir along with Isaaka. This was difficult for Abram, as Ismael was also his son, but the Great Creator reassured him that Ismael would also become the father of a great nation.

Abram gave Hagar and Ishmael food and water and sent them away. However, when their water ran out, Hagar placed Ismael under a shrub and cried out in despair. The Great Creator heard the cries of Ismael and sent an angel to comfort Hagar, showing her a well of water to drink from. Ismael grew up in the wilderness, became a skilled archer, and married a woman from Mizraim (Egypt).

Also in this chapter, Abram made a covenant with Abimelech, the Philistine king. He promised not to deal falsely with him or his descendants. The two also resolved a dispute over a well of water, and Abram gave Abimelech seven ewe lambs as a witness to their covenant. Abram then planted a grove in Beersheba and called upon the name of the Great Creator.

Isaaka and Sara
We depict this image as Sara and Isaaka, but this was not the artist’s original concept. Click the image to visit museum.


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