Akobe Endows and Prophesies Over His Sons Genesis 49

News spread among the family of Akobe that Akobe would depart the earthly realm any day. The sons of Akobe were gathered to look into the Will and Testament of their Father and the prophetic words he would speak over them. This is a father observing his children for years, and Divine inspiration from the […]

Yawada (Juda) Soap with Tamara Genesis 38

Yawada, aka Juda (Judah) and the daytime TV Soap drama with Tamara. In the vibrant tapestry of ancient Africa, the land of Shem, a tale of love, loss, and reprieve developed. At that time, Yawada, known in the scriptures as Juda, the son of Akobe, ventured away from his brothers. They all lived spread out […]