Hagar and Ishmael (Genesis 16)

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Upon receiving this vision, Abram was joyful. But he and Sarai were not able to produce the offspring promised. Finally, Sarai had had enough. She decided to give Abram a sister-wife for the purpose of procreating. She gave him her handmaid, Hagar the Egyptian. Egypt or Mizraim is the son of Japheth, remember, dwelling in the tents of Shem. Abram listened to his wife and married Hagar (at his wife’s permission and request – don’t get funny men), and this was ten years into living in the land of Canaan. 

And “Damn,” Sarai thought, once she learned Hagar was pregnant with Abram’s child. She may have thought Abram was the reason she couldn’t get pregnant, you know, because of his possible low sperm count.

Hagar took this as a promotion and developed an extra switch in her walk when she came across Sarai. She had a bit of an eye-roll problem when she dealt with her mistress, Sarai. Sarai wasn’t having it. She made things difficult for Hagar; it was so bad Hagar just left with her son (in the tummy). However, an Angel of the Great Spirit found her by the way of Shur and encouraged her to submit herself to Sarai. 

In addition, the Angel of the Great Spirit said He would multiply her children very much. She should name the child when he is born Ishmael (Ismael). Prophetically speaking, everyone will be against and he would be against everyone as he lives in the presence of his brothers (Shemites). She ended up returning to Sarai and had a child named Ismael and Abram was 86 years of age when Ismael was born.

Confirming the Covenant (Genesis 17)

When Abram was ninety-nine years of age, the Great Spirit appeared to Abram. The message was for Abram to walk before the Great Spirit perfectly. When and as Abram performs this, the Great Spirit would make His covenant between Himself and Abram, and multiply him immensely. Upon hearing this Abram fell on his face bowing down to the Great Creator, listening. The Great Creator continued saying His covenant is with Abram and that he would become a father of many nations. 

The name Abram already meant “exalted father.” However, he would get a name addendum; he would be called Abraham because he would be a father of many nations. This is an incorrect translation. His name was actually amended to Abrashem (see The Abantu Research and Study Bible for the Details).

Much like the name of the king of Zeboiim in Genesis chapter 14, Shemeber or ShemEber, Abram was now called Abram of Shem. Abram, the exalted father from Shem (not Ham). This may sound outlandish to assert for many people but remember, we have inherited unprofitable lies. Abram or Abramshem, Abrashem was the name amendment and not “Abra-Ham” which is to say Abram from Ham.

AbraShem or Abram Shem

Further, the Great Creator promised to make Abrashem outmatching fruitful, and the producer of nations from his bowels including a multitude of kings. The Great Creator would establish His covenant between Himself and Abramshem along with his offspring after him in their generations for an everlasting covenant.

He would be their Ruler or Great Creator, their source of Power as well as toward Abram also. This is a big deal; prior to this, Abram did not have the details, and he went years in blind faith. That day, he received the details. 

The Great Creator was not done yet with the perks of this covenant. He continued by saying He will give Abram and his offspring after him the land where Abram was a stranger, which is the land of Canaan. It will be an everlasting possession for Abram, and the Great Spirit will be their Ruler. All Abram had to do was keep His covenant in all their generations.

What was the agreement?

This is the covenant; Every man-child among Abram’s see will be circumcised. 

Genesis 17:11 And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin, and it shall be a token of the covenant betwixt me and you. 12 And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you, every man child in your generations, he that is born in the house, or bought with money of any stranger, which is not of thy seed.

Anyone born in Abram’s house or bought with his money, must needs be circumcised. The Great Creator’s covenant will be in their flesh as an everlasting covenant. Those uncircumcised of their foreskin will be cut off from being His people because they have broken His covenant.

In addition to Abrashem’s name amendment, Sarai received a name amendment. She would drop the “I” and go by Sara only. Again in our Bible, the “H” modifier was used to represent the children of Ham naming all the patriarchs in the scripture as means of possession and ownership.

One of the reasons Ham mocked his father Noah is because he would not be the overseer of the priesthood order on the earth. This was a deep desire of Ham, just as it was for Cain, Nimrod, and future generations also. 

Thus Abram is Abram-Shem or Abrashem and Sarai is Sara; Ham no longer owns our forefathers in our minds. Sara was enriched by the Great Creator and would have a son who would make her a mother of nations with kings and queens coming out of her womb.

Abrashem bowed with his face to the ground and thought, “I am almost 100 years old. How can I become a father? And Sarah is 90!” I can see him with his eyes wide open in astonishment. “How can she have a child?” So he started laughing. That is when he asked the Great Creator, “Why not just let Ismael inherit what you have promised me?” But the Great Creator replied, “No! You and Sarah will have a son. His name will be Isaaka, and I will make an everlasting oath to him and his descendants.” 

But the Great Creator heard Abram’s concern regarding Ismael. He told Abram that He heard him concerning Ismael and would also enrich him with many descendants. Ismael would become the father of twelve princes, and the Great Creator will make his family a great nation. Nevertheless, Abram’s son Isaaka will be born a year from the time they were speaking, and the covenant made with Abrashem and his family will be for him and his descendants forever.

When the Great Creator finished speaking to Abram, He left. That same day Abrashem obeyed the Great Creator by circumcising himself, Ismael, and all the men and boys in his household, including his servants. He was 99 years old at the time, and his son Ismael was 13.


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