Dead Diseased Animals, Storms, and Pandemics Plague Egypt: Exodus 9

In the ancient land of Egypt, the Great Spirit spoke to Moses, a wise and courageous leader of the Bantu people. The Great Creator commanded Moses to go before Pharaoh, the powerful ruler of Egypt, and deliver a divine message. Moses was commanded to demand the liberation of the Bantu people, so they could leave […]

Moses Instructed to Warn Pharaoh: Exodus 8

The Great Spirit continued and spoke to Moses, saying, “Go to Pharaoh and deliver this message: Thus saith the Great Spirit, ‘Let my people go, that they may serve me.’” But if Pharaoh refuses to let them go, I will bring forth a plague of frogs upon his borders. These frogs shall emerge from the […]

The First Tasks Against Pharaoh’s Egypt: Exodus 7

The Great Spirit continued speaking to Moses, saying, “Look here, I have made you a divine figure to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron shall be your prophet. You shall speak all that I command you, and Aaron shall convey my words to Pharaoh, demanding that he release the children of Israel from his land.” This […]

The Great Spirit Unveils His Plan to Moses: Exodus 6

As we continue into the story of the children of Akobe in the land of Shem, ancient Africa, particularly in Egypt, the Great Spirit addressed Moses. He proclaimed, “Now you shall witness what I will do to Pharaoh. With a strong hand, he will release the Bantu, and with a strong hand, he will drive […]

Moses Empowered and Prepared for Mission in Egypt: Exodus 4

In the realm of ancient Africa, the story of Moses unfolded. Doubt clouded his heart as he pondered the words of the Great Spirit. “They will not believe me,” he said, fearing that his voice would go unheard. The Great Spirit, in His wisdom, asked Moses, “What is that you hold in your hand?” Moses […]

Moses a Savior for the Generation is Born: Exodus 2

In Egypt, there was a man from the esteemed house of Lewi who married as his wife a daughter from the same lineage or tribe. Their union bore fruit, and a son was born to them. Overwhelmed by the child’s beauty and potential, the mother concealed him for three months. Remember, they were under the […]

The Troubles and Affliction of the Children of Akobe: Exodus 1

As we continue the story and attempt to iron out the unprofitable lies, we go with the family of Akobe into the land of Egypt. Abram, Akobe’s grandfather dwelled in Egypt for a time and now there dwelled the great man himself, Akobe. He was accompanied by his children and their households. Among his children […]