The Death of Sarah in the Bible (Genesis 23)

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Sara Transitions

When Sara was 127 years old, she died in Kirjath-Arba, better known as Hebron, in the land of Canaan. After Abrashem had mourned for her, he went to the Hittites and said, “I live as a foreigner in your land, and I don’t own any property where I can bury my wife. Please let me buy a piece of land.” The land of Canaan is widely the southern country land on the continent known to us as Africa, but now as the land of Shem. The men of Canaan replied, “Sir, you are an important man. Choose the best place to bury your wife. None of us would refuse you a resting place for your dead.”

Genesis 23:7 And Abrashem stood up, and bowed himself to the people of the land, even to the children of Heth.

Abram then said, “If you are willing to let me bury my wife here, please ask Zohar’s son Ephron to sell me the Cave Machpelah at the end of his field. I’ll pay what it’s worth, and all of you can be witnesses.”

Ephron was sitting there near the city gate when Abrashem made this request, and he answered, “Sir, the whole field, including the cave, is yours. With my own people as witnesses, I freely give it to you as a burial place for your dead.”

But Abram wasn’t someone to take something for free.

Once again, Abrashem bowed down and said to Ephron, “In front of these witnesses, I offer you the full price, so I can bury my wife. Please accept my offer.”

Ephron then eased the value of the field and cave saying, “But sir, the property is worth only 400 pieces of silver. Why should we haggle over such a small amount? Take the land. It’s yours.”

Abrashem accepted Ephron’s offer and paid him the 400 pieces of silver in front of everyone at the city gate. That’s how Abrashem came to own Ephron’s property east of Mamre, which included the field with all of its trees, as well as Machpelah Cave at the end of the field.

Remember, Mamre is Hebron, and Hebron is modern-day Cape Town South Africa. the Machpelah Cave is east of Mamre. Abrashem buried his wife Sara in Machpelah Cave which was in the field he had purchased from the Hittites.

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