The Troubles and Affliction of the Children of Akobe: Exodus 1

As we continue the story and attempt to iron out the unprofitable lies, we go with the family of Akobe into the land of Egypt. Abram, Akobe’s grandfather dwelled in Egypt for a time and now there dwelled the great man himself, Akobe. He was accompanied by his children and their households. Among his children were Reuben, Simeon, Lewi, Juda (Yawada), Isakare, Zebulun, Benjamin, Dan, Naptali, Gad, and Aser. They formed a mighty and prosperous lineage.

These descendants of Akobe, also known as the Bantu people, flourished and multiplied, filling the land with their presence. However, a new king rose to power in Egypt, ignorant of the great contributions and history of Yosef, who was a revered figure among the Bantu and the Egyptians. Some reports state that this king/pharaoh was not a natural Egyptian, but Cushite or Canaanite, who was able to wield power and preside over Egypt.

Growing Numbers of the Bantus

Fearing the growing might and numbers of the Bantu, the king devised a plan to subdue and control them. He set taskmasters over them, subjecting them to burdens and hardships. He made the seed of Akobe the bearers of burdens or otherwise known as the blue-collar or even (slave) laboring class in Egyptian society. Yet, the Bantu remained resilient and resiliently multiplied, causing distress among the Egyptians.

The Egyptians intensified their oppression, imposing hard bondage upon the Bantu. They toiled in mortar, brick, and various forms of labor. The Bantu’s lives became bitter, filled with suffering and affliction.

In a desperate attempt to control the Bantu population, the king commanded the Bantu midwives to conduct a wicked plan. The king commanded the operation, which was overseen by two women, Sipra (Sayapara) and Pua (Pawa), to kill any Bantu boy at birth. Genocide by the termination of the child at birth became the method. However, the midwives, guided by their reverence for the Great Creator, flouted the king’s order and let the male children live.

Pharaoh Become Direct with His Evil Plans

When confronted by Pharaoh, the midwives explained that the Bantu women were strong and delivered their babies swiftly before the midwives could intervene. Their faithfulness to the Great Creator resulted in blessings upon them, and the Bantu people continued to multiply and grow mightier.

However, in his frustration, Pharaoh commanded all his administration, officers, and people to simply cast every Bantu son into the river but sparing the daughters. This was a mandate similar to the Alhambra Decree of 1492 (“The Edict of Expulsion of the Jews – 1492 Spain”. Retrieved 27 June 2017.).

It was similar to Hitler’s decree in that it was a nationwide decree that left the Bantu vulnerable to persecution from even the least citizen of Egyptian society. “Run O,” became the sentiment of many of the children of Akobe, the Bantu.

To be continued…

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