Akobe Endows and Prophesies Over His Sons Genesis 49

News spread among the family of Akobe that Akobe would depart the earthly realm any day. The sons of Akobe were gathered to look into the Will and Testament of their Father and the prophetic words he would speak over them. This is a father observing his children for years, and Divine inspiration from the Spirit-World that gives those with such a gift, the ability to divine.

Akobe, in a vibrant land of Egypt, filled with colors and rhythms, Akobe, a wise elder and father of the family, called upon his sons to gather together. The air was filled with anticipation as they gathered around him, ready to hear the words that would shape their destinies in the days to come.

Akobe, with a voice as deep as the rumbling drums, spoke with authority and grace. “Listen, ye sons of Akobe, and hearken unto Israel, your father,” he began, his words carrying the weight of generations past. His eyes sparkled with wisdom as he addressed each of his sons, speaking of their strengths and weaknesses, their destinies entwined with the tapestry of their ancestry.

Addressing His Sons

“Reuben, my firstborn,” Akobe declared, his voice both proud and admonishing. “You possess the might and the beginning of my strength, but your spirit is as unstable as the flowing waters. Therefore, you will not excel, because you brought dishonor upon yourself by going up to your father’s bed.”

As the words hung in the air, Simeon and Lewi, brothers bound by blood and shared experiences, listened intently. Akobe spoke of their dwelling places tainted by cruelty, warning his soul not to be united with their secrets. “In their anger, they slew a man, and in their self-will, they destroyed what was once strong.

Cursed be their anger and wrath,” he proclaimed, “for they shall be divided in Akobe and scattered in Israel.” Simeon’s offspring will be scattered among the tribes as well as Lewi; the words rang powerfully throughout the room.

Addressing Juda (Yawada) and Zebulun

Juda, strong and mighty, was praised by Akobe. “You shall be the pride of your brethren, and your enemies shall bow before you. You are a lion’s whelp, rising from the prey. No one shall dare to rouse you from your rest.”

Akobe spoke of the eternal reign of Juda, his scepter never departing, until the arrival of Shilo, the bringer of unity for all the people. “Binding his foal to the vine, washing his garments in wine, and his teeth shining white with milk, Juda shall embody abundance and prosperity.”

As the family endowment story unfolded, the names of the tribes resonated with power and significance. Zebulun, dwelling by the haven of the sea, would become a harbor for ships, extending his borders to Zidon. Isakare, finding solace in rest and pleasant lands, would bow his shoulders to bear burdens and become a servant of tribute.

Dan and Gad’s Enrichments

Dan, wise and just, would rise as a judge among his people, feared like a serpent in the path, striking the heels of those who dare to oppose him. Akobe expressed his longing for salvation, seeking the Great Spirit’s intervention.

Gad, though faced with trials, would ultimately overcome them. Aser, blessed with abundance, would yield royal dainties and bring forth richness. Naphtali, symbolizing freedom and grace, would speak words of beauty and elegance.

Yosef and Benyamin

But it was Yosef, like a fruitful bough nourished by a well, who bore the brunt of adversity. Archers aimed their arrows at him, and hatred coursed through their veins, yet his strength never wavered. The Mighty Power of Akobe strengthened his bow, protecting him from harm.

Akobe conferred blessings upon Yosef, invoking the Power of the Eternal Father and the Almighty. Enrichments of heaven above, deep waters beneath, nurturing breasts, and fruitful wombs would be upon him. These gifts surpassed those of his ancestors, reaching the utmost bond of the everlasting hills. They adorned the head of Yosef, the one separated from his brethren.

Benjamin likened to a fierce wolf, would ravage the prey in the morning and divide the spoils at night. The twelve tribes of Akobi, each blessed according to their unique destinies, were embraced in Akobe’s final words.

Akobe’s Last Moments

Before departing from the earthly realm, Akobe charged his sons with a sacred task. He expressed his desire to be buried alongside his forefathers in the cave of Ephron the Hittite, in the field of Machpela. This land, bought by Abramshem, held the ancestral connection of their lineage.

As Akobe concluded his commandments, he gathered up his feet into the bed, surrendering his spirit to the realm of his ancestors. What look like a nap or night of sleep was his final breath and with his final breath, he joined his people, leaving behind a legacy that we are still reading about today. This legacy, received from Akobe’s grandfather, Abram, and his father Isaaka would echo through the ages.

Thus, the tale of Akobe and his sons, infused with vibrant colors and pulsating rhythms, reminds us of the power of ancestry, the strength in diversity, and the boundless possibilities that await those who embrace their heritage.

To be continued…

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