Abram Sends Eliezer to Mesopotamia to Find a Wife for Isaaka

Isaac and Rebekah love story

Once upon a time, in a far-off land called Mamre (modern-day Cape Town, South Africa), there lived a wise, righteous, and wealthy man named Abrashem. He had a son named Isaaka, whom he loved dearly. As Isaaka grew up, Abrashem began to worry about finding him a suitable wife, one who would share his faith and values. They lived in Kanaanland (the land of Canaan), and Abrashem was directed by the Great Spirit not to intermarry with them.

So, one day, he called his most trusted servant and gave him an important task. “My dear and most trusted servant,” said Abrashem, “I need you to go on a journey to find a wife for my son Isaaka. You must travel to my homeland of Ur/Mesopotamia (modern-day Nigeria) and find a suitable bride from among my people, the Chaldeans.”

The servant was overjoyed to have been given such an important mission. He packed his bags and set out on the long journey to Mesopotamia.

Arrived at Destination: Mesopotamia

When he arrived there, the servant prayed to the Great Creator for guidance. “O Great Spirit,” he said, “please guide me to the right woman for Isaaka.” As he prayed, he saw a beautiful young woman named Rebeka, who was drawing water from a well.

The servant approached Rebeka and asked her for a drink of water. She kindly obliged and even offered to provide water for his camels. The servant was amazed by her generosity and kindness and knew that she was the one for Isaaka.

After a brief conversation, he learned who she was. He was brought back to the family compound to have dinner. Eliezer, Abrashem’s servant, then went to Rebeka’s family and explained his mission. He shared the story of Abrashem and Isaaka and how he was sent to find a bride for Isaaka. Rebeka’s family was pleased and agreed to let her marry Isaaka. She, like Sara, would become an enriched mother of millions upon millions.

Isaaka Rebeka Love Story

The servant then brought Rebeka back to Abrashem’s land in Mamre, where Isaaka was waiting anxiously for his bride. When Isaaka saw Rebeka, he was delighted and knew that she was the one he had been waiting for.

Abrashem was delighted with the outcome and endowed the new couple, saying, “May the Great Creator’s enrichment be upon you both. May you be fruitful and multiply and become a great nation.”

And so, Isaaka and Rebeka were married, and their love story became a legend for many generations to come. Abrashem’s servant had accomplished his mission, and Isaaka had found a wife who shared his faith and values, just as his father had hoped.

The end cut the scene.

As it relates to the unprofitable lies series, it would appear Abram’s servant left modern-day Israel and went to Iran or Iraq to find the bride for Isaaka. However, that never took place.

Instead, Abram’s servant left modern-day South Africa and returned to the modern-day Nigeria-Benin area to find a wife for Isaaka. Not that this changes the outlook of our salvation, but it puts in proper perspective what truly took place. A great man sent his most trusted servant from South Africa to Nigeria to find a suitable bride for his only son!

Based on Genesis 24

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