Aaron and Moses Meet with Pharaoh King of Egypt: Exodus 5

In the annals of ancient Africa, the land of Shem, Moses, and Aaron stood before Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt. They spoke in the name of the Great Creator of Akobe, demanding, “Let my people go, that they may hold a feast unto Me in the wilderness.”

Pharaoh, filled with arrogance, questioned the authority of the Great Spirit, saying, “Who is the Great Spirit that I should obey his voice and let the Bantu go? I know not the Great Spirit, and I will not release the Bantu.”

Moses and Aaron responded, “The Great Creator of the Bantus has appeared to us. We beseech you to allow us a three-day journey into the desert, where we can sacrifice to our Great Creator. Should we neglect this divine command, pestilence or the sword may befall us.”

Burdens Multiplied Upon the Bantu

Unyielding, Pharaoh ordered Moses and Aaron to return to their tasks and burdens, refusing to let the people rest. He claimed that the Israelites had become numerous and accused Moses and Aaron of causing them to cease their labor.

Pharaoh commanded the taskmasters and officers to increase the burden on the Bantu. He declared that straw would no longer be provided for brick-making. The Bantu were now responsible for gathering their own straw while still maintaining their daily quota of bricks.

The taskmasters harshly urged the people to fulfill their work, just as they had done before when they had straw. The officers of the children of Akobe, appointed by Pharaoh’s taskmasters, were beaten for their inability to meet the brick-making demands.

Denied Equipment Needed for Daily Work

The oppressed officers of Akobe’s descendants cried out to Pharaoh, questioning the unfair treatment. They pleaded, “Why do you deal with your servants like this? No straw is given, yet we are told to make bricks. Your servants are beaten, but the fault lies with your own people.”

Pharaoh accused the Bantu of idleness, accusing them of using the excuse of sacrifice to the Great Spirit as a means to shirk their duties. He ordered them to continue working, denying them straw, yet demanding the same quota of bricks.

The officers of Akobe’s descendants realized their dire situation when they were unable to decrease the required number of bricks despite the absence of straw. They encountered Moses and Aaron, standing in their path, and expressed their anguish.

We Don’t Need Your Help Anymore

They cried out, “May the Great Spirit judge you! You have made us abhorrent in the eyes of Pharaoh and his servants. By putting a sword in their hands, you have endangered our lives.”

Moses, troubled by the suffering of his people, turned to the Great Spirit and questioned the reason for their affliction. He asked why the Great Spirit had allowed this evil to befall the Bantu and why they had not been delivered as promised.

Thus, Moses, burdened by the anguish of his people, sought answers and divine guidance from the Great Spirit, who held the fate of the Bantu in His hands.

To be continued…

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