Here Is The Bible And All Religions And Spiritual Systems

The History, Prophecy, Principle

First off, there is a Spirit Dimension: we were all spirits before becoming flesh in the earth!

The Creation: the Eternal Father and His Angels (Eternal Exalted Beings) construct the universe and earth His children will preside during their trial run in the flesh or as human beings.

Adam and Eve were created and they are guided by the Great Spirit of the Spirit Dimension, which is Ahayah Aser Ahayah or SoNiNi NaNiNi all meaning I AM that I AM, (the Bible calls Jehovah, the LORD, or Yahweh)

Sin-Rebellion-Death-Mortality-Trial Life Begins

Cain and Abel Born

More Children of Adam: the Seed of Adam and the Seed of the Serpent Grow in the Earth

They Begin to mix with one another, but the lineage of Seth makes the most attempt to remain pure

Evil covers the earth

The earth will be destroyed by the Great Spirit

But Noa finds grace and is commanded to build an ark

The world drowned but some scholars suggest only parts of Africa were flooded.

After the flood, Shem’s seed stayed in Africa along with Japheth; Ham’s children go to Asia and Europe.

Note, the Bible lists Ham’s children as Japheth’s children and Japheth’s children as Ham’s.

The tower of Babylon is attempted construction in the land of Sennar, which is modern-day Sudan.

It is confounded by the Great Spirit and the people disperse throughout the continent and earth.

Abram, from the lineage of Shem, is sent out of Mesopotamia, which is the land between two rivers.

The land between two rivers is the Sahara Desert, the rivers are the Niger River and the Nile River.

Abram leaves northwestern Africa, to south Africa, the land of Canaan.

Abram is given the covenant as the priest of the Most High and all the covenants.

He travels to Egypt during the famine but returns to the land of Canaan.

He gives birth to Ishmael and Isaac; Isaac inherits all the covenants and becomes the high priest on earth.

Isaac marries Rebeka from modern-day Nigeria, and they have Akobe and Esawa, otherwise known as Jacob and Esau.

The family inheritance and all the covenants go to Akobe, the firstborn.

Akobe returns to modern-day Nigeria to find a wife and finds Rachel, but was forced to marry her older sister Lea, and their handmaids.

This resulted in 13 children, 12 sons. He returned to the land of Canaan (modern-day Namibia) and began to grow as a family.

The growth caused his sons to dislike his youngest and brightest son, Yosef (or Joseph in our Bibles). They sold Yosef to Egypt.

This eventually led the entire family into Egypt and the same Yosef became their host and ruler (as his dreams professed).
They went into Egypt 70 souls in number and began to grow immensely into a great and populous people.

Egypt became worried and decided to oppress the children of Akobe, who were also called the Bantu or Abantu.

The Great Spirit sent the Bantu a deliverer named Moses who would lead them out of Egypt.

He and his brother approach Pharaoh and demanded the release of the people to the wilderness to serve their Great Spirit or Supreme Being, the I AM that I AM (known in different tongus as Ahaya aser Ahaya or SoNiNi NaNiNi or Tata Nzambi or Ami Ndi se Ami Ndi Abasi).

The people are released and go to the wilderness into the Sahara, where they met their Great Spirit. He gave them commandments and ordinances, but they feared to listen to the Great Spirit, instead desiring to hear from Moses.
They could not take the land because they fell to a lack of faith.

Although they could have gone into the land, they had to wait 40 years before going in.

At the end of 40 years, Joshua (or Yeshua, a name meaning Savior or Msindisi, which was given to him by Moses. His original birth name from his parents was Oshea). He would lead them into the land of Canaan.

The children of Akobe would take the land but are unable to completely empty the Canaanite families from the land.

They live through the times of the judges, with an on-again, off-again relationship with their Great Spirit.

They then transition to the days of Samuel the judge and the people desired to be like the other nations of the land of Shem that we call Africa today. All the other nations had/have kings.

Saul was from the family of Benjamin was appointed and anointed as the first king over the Akobe-Bantu, who the Bible calls or refers to asthe Israelites.

They are called Israel because of the name associated with Akobe being upright or righteous before the Creator. The term or title, the Creator or Supreme Being has been transliterated today as God and God was converted from El or Elohim.

The word upright or righteous-one in paleo Hebrew is Yashar or Yasher. This is what the Book of Jasher, the title means; The Book of the Upright Ones). Thus, the upright of God or Righteous of El is Yasharal or Yashar’el, from where the name Israel attempts to derive itself from as a name given to Akobe.

Saul would not adhere to his prophet Samuel, nor to the Great Spirit, so he was removed.

He was replaced by David (or Dawadi) from the family of Jesse (or Yassa), of Yawada (Juda) and he prevailed as a man after the heart of the Great Spirit.

David ruled and conquered all of the lands of Shem, subduing all kings.

He passed the kingdom to his son, Solomon who also ruled the entire land of Shem.

However, at the end of Solomon’s rule, he focused on economics and riches and did not focus on the care of his constituents and the poor.

As a result, an industrious leader emerged from the house or family of Yosef named Yeroboam (Jeroboam).
With Yeroboam, the Kingdom of the Akobe-Bantus was divided with Yawada to the southeast, and Efraim (Samaria – Shemaria) to the west and north.

They would war bitterly all the days of Yeroboam and Solomon’s son, Reoboam.

Yeroboam also returned the Akobe-Bantu to the spiritual deities from West Africa whom Abram was commanded to move away from. These were the deities or gods of Aram, known in the Bible as Syria, which is modern-day Nigeria-Cameroon. Also, Assur, known in the scriptures as Assyria; Assyria is ideally West & Central Africa, modern-day. And the remnants of the Canaanites, who are the Phoenicians. Many of the children of Efraim were lost to these deities.

Yeroboam furthered the Bantu’s spiritual affliction because he allowed anyone to be a priest; this sent the family of Lewi (or Levi) back to the kingdom of Yawada.

The Yawada-Bantus remained steadfast in their Great Spirit, the Almighty of Abram, Isaak, and Akobe, but they had an on-again-off-again relationship.

This eventually led to the Great Spirit removing them from His presence.

First He led the Kingdom of Akobe of Efraim-Samaria, who are known as the 10 Tribes, to live in the kingdom of Assuria (which is Assyria). There, the Bantus of Akobe would mingle with the Shemite families of Assur, Elam, Arphaxad, Lud (Lawada), and Aram; this all would take place in West Africa and Central Africa.

In the kingdom of Akobe-Yawada (Juda), after the good days of King Yashaya, written in the Bible as King Josiah, Yawada fell hard while under the leadership of King Zedekia.

The Yawada-Bantus were taken into captivity by the Babylonians under King Nebuchadnezzar. They remained in Babylon, which is in East Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, and Somalia.

Before the complete takedown of the Bantus of Akobe, many fled and disperse to the four corners of the earth.

The Assyrian-Assurian king brought many of his subjects to live in the Samarian lands of the 10 Tribes, while Ammon, Moab, Esau, Canaan, and the Philistines moved into the lands of Yawada with the poor of the Yawada-Bantus.

With Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (Sudan) ruling all of Africa, the land of Shem, he began to be boastful.

Babylon was dethroned by Persia. At the time of Persia, a 70-year prophecy of the children of Akobe being captive was lifted. A decree for them to return to their lands was made by a great Persian King named Cyrus.

The Persians were the seed of Elam of Shem.

They resided or ruled from the top of the African continent, Algeria, and Tunisia today, as well as parts of Mali.

After the Persian’s rule came the Medes or Midianites, who were the children of Abram via Ketura. Persia and Media were friendly towards the scattered Akobe-Bantus and began to restore them.

However, off the continent in Europe, a king of fierceness and barbarian in nature rose to power from the family of Ham.

He was the son of Philip the Barbarian, his name was Alexander. They’d conquered the Greeks and were taking over the entire world.

Although he died prematurely, his successors would continue, conquering Europe, Asia, Asia Minor, and Africa by way of Egypt and Morocco/Algeria-Tunisia.

They would eventually formulate what is known today as the Roman Empire and then the Roman Republic. They are the prophetic “Terrible-Beast” spoken of by Daniel the prophet and by Yahana, which is John, of the book of Revelation.

The enemies of the Akobe-Bantus, found in Psalm 83, used this as an opportunity to subject the children of Akobe and lift themselves above the Abantu of the Great Spirit.

The nations found in Psalm 83 partnered with Rome who were anciently known as Chittim or Kittim; the Psalm 83 nations became the facilitators for the Romans to subjugate the Bantus of Akobe to conquer the continent of Africa.

The Romans were able to garrison the entire continent and subdued the Akobe-Bantus with the help of the facilitators, the enemies of the house of Akobe.

This subjugation continued throughout the times of the Anointed Son, known to the world as Jesus Christ, but to the Akobe-Bantus, he was Msindisi. In paleo-Hebrew, he had the same name as Joshua or Josia, dropping the vowels, Jsh/Jshw or Js.

Jshw or Js, musical chairs of vowels people get Jesus (Jesws), Josiah, and Joshua, among other names.

Remove the “J” with a “Y” and we have Yshw for Yeshua/Yeshwa or Yosya/Yashaya… well just know He was the Anointed Son and One from the Eternal Father. He was the Great Spirit that led Abram, Isaaka, Akobe, Moses, Samuel, and David.

Needless to say, he was killed for his teachings that opposed the mainstream way of life, and after his death, the Romans destroyed Yerusalema.

They captured Yawada-Bantus (who are known as Judah and Jews) and Efraim-Bantus (who are known as Samarians or Ten Tribes or Israel) and transported them to the four corners of the world.

Do not be confused, the Yawada-Bantus are all the children of Akobe who were within or registered with the Kingdom of Yawada, modern-day spoken as Juda or Judah.

The Efraim-Bantus are all the children of Akobe who were within or registered with the Kingdom of Efraim or Israel and known as Samaria or the Ten Tribes. They departed from the House of David to follow Yeroboam who was from the tribe of Efraim.

The kingdoms of the Romans or Gentiles would rise and die down through the ages.

No matter among the Romans or Gentiles who would rise to power, they uniformly covenanted and agreed to continue the focus of subjugating the Bantus of Akobe (the house of Jacob).

There have been further attempts to destroy the Bantus of Akobe. The house of Yosef and many from Yawada made their way to the Americas. The Romans made their way to the Americas also and wiped many of them out, taking their lands, and once again subjugating them.

They parted the land for gain and the Roman’s latest harshest attempt to subjugate and oppress the Bantus of Akobe took place from 1884 to 1945.

From that time period, the Romans met in what was called the Berlin Conference with the objective to carve the land of Shem (which is Africa) for their personal gain and destroy the people. This was colonialism and imperialism at its highest level.

The children of Akobe from both kingdoms, Yawada and Efraim are all over the continent of Shem (which is Africa). They are also all over the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the islands of the sea.

They are the divinely appointed custodians of the earth and they “must needs” have their office before any normalcy can return to the earth. Their 400-year and 490-year prophecy was lifted in 2019 and the world has been in chaos since.

The world must first help identify the Akobe-Bantus (there are other Bantus from the seed of Shem and Seth) and return them to their land, the land of the Bantus.

This land today is known as Sub-Saharan Africa; if this is not done, plagues, calamities in weather, and war will trouble all the earth until there are very few left in the earth.

Return the children of Akobe, and return O Gentiles, let’s live in peace and harmony under our Great Spirit, the Anointed Son, and under our Eternal Father, I AM that I AM, SoNiNi NaNiNi!

Minister Koko

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