We Have Inherited Lies and Things Are Upside Down is a text written to give a critical scriptorial analysis of the Christian, historical, and education system in America and worldwide, and its failure to provide Africans and Americans with an accurate true education of history, principles, and prophecy from the scriptures that would empower them to become leaders, elders, and Spirit-sufficient individuals they originally were, and created to be.

This text argues that the religious education system perpetuates a system of miseducation, where Africans and Americans are taught to accept their inferiority by conforming to twisted inherited lies of truths that were turned upside down as early as from the time of the introduction of the Greek Empire. The text will be a seminal work for Africans and Americans to study and reeducate themselves with as it will be relevant today in understanding the ongoing struggles of the African communities to overcome systemic lies that produce inequality.